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Classification of buildings To do a proper building work planning,
It is crucial to know the following three classifications. Classification based on height
There exist three main types of buildings which are:
• Low-rise buildings;
• Medium rise or mid-rise buildings; and
• High-rise buildings

Based on structural materials, there are three main types of buildings which are
reinforced concrete (RC) and
steel structures .
In addition to these, there exist other types of materials used for buildings.
Finally, when two or more types of materials are combined to form a structure; the result is called the composite structure

Structural systems of a building Each structure in the construction field consists of 2 central structural systems which are:
Sub-structure and super-structure
sub-structure is referred to the part of the building located below the ground level. It is at this level where the foundation is located. Based on the soil condition and the building mass, the foundation may be shallow or deep
Super-structure This level is located above the substructure; that is above the ground level. It is at this level where the building is visible to people.
The SS is made up of roofs, slabs resting on beams which also rest on columns which transfers their load below to the foundation which finally spread the load to the ground or bedrock below it.
The SS may be done at the site itself, or its components may be pre-fabricated in a factory then used at the site.

Major titles or steps to be taken
Initiation of the project
• Project planning
• Project conceptual design
• Building site assessment
• Scope management
• Building basic design
• Time/cost management
• Risk management
• Bidding activity and choice of contractor
• Detail design
• Procurement
• Building construction
• Commissioning
• Close-out and delivery

4.1. Initiation of the project work
4.1.1. Definition of the project work Description of the project work Preparatory time table of the project work Technical specifications of the project work Pre-budget of the project work
4.1.2. Preparative scope of the work
4.1.3. Carry out a feasibility study
4.1.4. Assessment of project needs and list development of major study
4.1.5. Preparatory drawings
4.1.6. Develop and submit project charter
4.1.7. Approval of project charter
4.1.8. Submission of documents approval system

4.2. Project planning
4.2.1. Creating a preparatory scope statement
4.2.2. Project teams determination
4.2.3. Project plan development Preliminary architectural plan layout Preliminary structural plan layout Preliminary electrical and piping plan layout Preliminary storage layout
4.2.4. Project plan submission
4.2.5. Milestones and approval of the plan.

4.4. Building site assessment
4.4.1. Identification of potential sites
4.4.2. Assessment of environmental and regulatory impacts
4.4.3. Identification of requirements
4.4.4. Project site identification
4.4.5. Recommendation of the site
4.4.6. Permits’ application Get permission from the environmental organization Get permission from urbanization department or concerned authorities before construction
4.6. Building basic design
4.6.1. Validation of conceptual design documents
4.6.2. Conducting the soil investigation tests Tri-axial
4.6.3. Conducting calculations or design
4.6.4. Preparation of drawings
4.6.5. Preparation of procedures
4.6.6. Final alternatives selection
4.6.7. Conducting material checks Steel check Coarse aggregates checks Fine aggregates checks Reinforcements check 4.6.8. The approval of the building basic design Standard penetration Vane shear Cone penetration Permeability Consolidation Direct shear Unconfined compression In-situ pile

4.9. Bidding activity and choice of contractor
4.9.1. Make public the bid through advertisement
4.9.2. Submission of the bid documents to prospective contractors
4.9.3. Evaluating the proposal received
4.9.4. Choice of victorious contractor
4.9.5. Contract award

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