HICSA 2021: IOT Disrupting Energy Management In Hospitality | Rahul Bhalla | Hotelivate

Rahul Bhalla, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hotelivate-Zenatix spoke about ‘IOT disrupting energy management in hospitality’.

Key Discussion Points:
- Connected assets and centralised control has shown 10-20% savings in energy costs while reducing breakdowns.
- Singular platform solutions helps highlight benchmarks for key indicators as you scale.

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The Hotel Investment Conference-South Asia (HICSA), since its inaugural edition in 2005, has been an unequalled gathering platform for the hospitality industry the world over. The conference is valued for its content-rich sessions and excellent networking opportunities attracting the hospitality industry’s top brands, hotel owners, bankers, developers, and professional advisors from around the globe.

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