Hexagon World with Geometry Nodes Fields - Blender 3.0 Tutorial

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In this session we're reproducing Christos Stavridis' beautiful Hexagona project but we're using the new Geometry Nodes with its fields system to do it!
I glossed over a lot of the finer points of *fields* in this session but I will do some more specific videos on them. I thought it would be fun to just jump straight into a project with this!

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00:00 - Intro
00:30 - Christos Stavridis' Project
01:17 - Starting Geometry Nodes
02:04 - Creating a Hexagon Grid
15:20 - Create a Hexagonal Mask
26:04 - Controlling with an Empty
28:00 - Creating the Height Map
34:33 - Removing the Water Level Points
35:58 - Creating the Sea Hexagon
38:34 - Creating Modifier Inputs
40:45 - Create Different Hexagons
41:56 - Instance a Collection
42:53 - Selecting Instance by Height
43:45 - Adding Shaders
44:30 - Materialiq Water shader
46:10 - Bevel modifier
46:40 - Exploring

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Music Attribution:
Afterglow - Kulpa
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