Here is how you can keep your third-party access secure using EIAG

Businesses depend on an ever-changing network of partners, vendors, consultants, and contractors to ensure business continuity and customer delight. These external agents require access to your organizational services and interaction with the employees to keep up with dynamic changes in the market environment.

But, without cutting corners and risking a security breach, how can you facilitate rapid access to data and applications through a complex third-party ecosystem?

With no external user identity management system onboard, organizations may face several challenges in exercising access control manually, which is a time-consuming and tedious process.

Only an agile, standalone, scalable, and customizable Identity and Access Management solution can reduce the risk of costly disruptions (like a partner’s inability to access a critical resource) by streamlining and automating external identity management systems. ISSQUARED's EIAG (External Identity Access & Governance) is one such solution that can help you overcome all the challenges and efficiently manage and govern user identities for vendors, partners, customers, consultants, contractors, and others who need to access your authoritative systems.

Watch this video to learn how ISSQUARED’s EIAG could simplify the challenges of managing external identities by combining onboarding, delegated authority, organization management, identity lifecycle, self-service, access control, and governance as a standalone model.

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