As an Arborist, my hope is to share what I have learned and believe to be best for trees, plants, and I am sure a bit more.
Home has been a place to try practices less common like pollarding, coppicing and other less common pruning or management styles or techniques for trees and other woody plants.
With approximately 50yrs in tree care my job description has shown me many places like roof top arboretums in Manhattan NYC, and experiences like riding a 100+ ft crane all in the name of tree care.
My favorite is still working with trees (plants) to keep them as part of a functional landscape, or on rare occasions foodscapes.
With so many mature trees, shrub or woody plants it is possible to maintain size or in some cases reduce so the trees do not have to outgrow their space.
One idea is to have adequate space for growth and reduce the # of trees as tree/ shrubs get too crowded, then as they thin out from age plant new to be ready as replacement when the oldest are a risk. Not always realistic so pruning can help maintain size and shape to extend a functional balance.
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