Helio Costa’s Best Project Management Advice: Flexibility, Integration, and Risk

What is Helio Costa’s best Project Management advice? His best tips, tools, and insight? In this video, Helio Costa tells me, among other things, about Flexibility, Integration, and Risk.

= = Three - Two - One = =
In this interview I ask Helio Costa for his best:
3️⃣ 3 Tips for Project Managers
2️⃣ 2 Project Management Tools:
Favorite thinking, planning, facilitation, or software tools to use on projects
1️⃣ 1 Thing that changed everything for him.
Maybe this was in their thinking, attitudes to projects, career, the way they practice PM. Anything that made a big difference to them

We discuss what each means and any stories behind them.

= = More about Helio Costa = =
Hélio Costa is a project and program manager and the founder of the open-source Fleks Hybrid Model of project management. For an interview with Hélio about what Fleks can offer you: https://youtu.be/EOME6WKUjN8

The Fleks Model: https://fleksmodel.com
Hélio Costa on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heliorcosta/

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