Helicopter Gunship DEX • Early Access First Look (Full Mission Playthrough)

More videos from Helicopter Gunship DEX coming soon, will appear in this playlist:

First look on recently released Helicopter Gunship DEX. It's in Early Access, but pretty playable with 3 types of missions (Strike, SEAD and Search & Destroy ), variable time of day (night ops!), few desert maps currently available with randomly generated target layout.

Some features are still not implemented, but the developer is hard at work and really listens to the community - I already gave him some pointers about few things that he promptly implemented!

Currently there are 3 choppers modelled - AH-64A, B and D variants. Unfortunatelly CP/G is non-existent, so you need to look for your targets and fly the chopper all by yourself. This feature is planned though - CP/G functionality will be added later during developement, your front seat buddy will spot and target the enemy for you (his effectiveness will depend on his experience). For now I recommend sticking with radar equipped AH-64D Longbow - it's easier to detect enemies. Though using radar has its drawbacks - enemy can detect your presence with radar detectors - as assured by the dev. But that's fine since you can control your radar transmissions, only using it sparingly.

You can also use support during your missions - currently artillery strikes are available.

Several more helicopters are planned to be added. The list is still not final.

This game has that classic Microprose flight sim feel of those old classics. It has my seal of approval. With time it will only get better, and it's pretty playable right now as you can see.

Just don't be discouraged by the initial control setup. By default XBox controllers are configured, if you own a stick / HOTAS you will need to bind the controls yourself. Currently many functions are context sensitive (depending on currenlty selected MFD screen only some functions are available), but the dev promises to add direct controls for all the functions.

Get Helicopter Gunsip DEX on Steam here:

0:00 Title Screen
0:18 Main Menu
0:36 Controls
1:15 Sierra Hotel - pilots management
1:21 Instant Action - random mission generator
1:45 Mission generation
1:52 Mission briefing
3:20 Weapons loadout
4:04 Mission support assets
4:29 Mission start
4:48 TADS and gun articulate when we slew sensors
5:10 FLIR/DTV and 3 different zoom levels
5:30 Pilot's cockpit
5:38 CP/G cockpit
5:52 Left MFD map/radar tactical view
6:15 Lift off
6:25 Working flight path marker and velocity vector
7:05 Right MFD Mission Status screen (surely MPS inspired)
8:30 External view
11:17 Resizable MFDs
12:25 Enemy units detected by Longbow radar (you need proper LOS to detect them)
13:57 Designating radar target / TADS slaves automagically
14:25 Firing radar-guided Hellfire
14:50 Designating second target using TADS
15:00 Firing laser-guided Hellfire
15:28 Prosecuting more targets with radar Hellfires
16:19 Cleared the way to the primary target
18:20 Primary in sight
18:40 I was struggling here with designating target with TADS (needs fixing)
19:30 Switched to radar desination, but unlocking target in TADS still is funky
20:20 Changing position
21:30 Eliminating more air-defence units
22:25 Designating primary targets for artillery strike
24:10 Scanning area - uh-oh, we have some new threats
25:17 Hollow target icon - no line of sight to the target
26:55 Calling arty on some air defense untis
27:35 Taking FIRE!
27:50 Quick scan - (propably) Shilka popped up
28:04 Damage report, more lead coming my way
28:40 Missiles inbound
28:52 Calling for support - denied, you must be at most 4km away
30:20 Taking matters into my own hands (Hellfires)
31:17 Secondary targets 5+ km away, closing in for accurate arty designation
32:30 Rounds on the way
34:20 Secondary goal complete, mopping up with Hydras and gun
38:45 Testing IHADSS mode (look and shoot)
40:40 Seems like ALT HOLD mode didn't worked quite right here?
43:13 Approaching home base
44:20 Testing out ground handling - seems a bit finicky
45:32 Mission debriefing - just like in Microprose games!
50:09 More title screen music
51:19 Sierra Hotel - pilot scoring works
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