Heart Failure Management In Primary Care

Heart failure is, without a doubt, one of the more complex topics that you will encounter in primary care. Two types, four stages, four classes, evolving guidelines for treatment, and a host of medications – it’s a lot to wrap your head around. Especially in a 15-minute visit.

Let’s talk about the core concepts of heart failure and increase your confidence. We’ll cover:

✅ The two types of heart failure, and how the different types impact the approach to treatment
✅ Diagnostics – which labs, which tests, and the crucial role of ejection fraction in heart failure
✅ The questions you don’t want to forget to ask the patient
✅ Medications used to treat heart failure
✅ What to look for in the chart BEFORE the first visit

Like so many other things with primary care, managing heart failure gets less stressful with time. But until then, having a strategy will increase your efficiency in the visit, your confidence on the subject, and give you clarity about co-managing with cardiology.

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