Hearing the unheard: Leadership Development through Feedback- in conversation with Prof. T. V. Rao

The Ashank Desai Centre for Leadership and Organisational Development (ADCLOD) announces the IIMA Leadership Lecture Series.

Watch the first lecture titled 'Hearing the Unheard: Leadership Development through Feedback' by Prof T V Rao, Chairman TVRLS, Former Professor, IIMA; APFHRM Professional of the Year 2019; Ravi Matthai Fellow; LifeTime Achievement Awardee, Indian Academy of Management.

00:00 Introduction
10:47 Case of the Director Finance
17:16 Case of the Pharma CEO
21:49 Case of The Introverted Leader
24:00 Case- Story of Four Brothers
27:12 Overview of 4 Cases
29:42 Q& A
35:24 Johari Window
36:14 360 Degree Feedback
38:26 Evolution of 360 Degree Feedback
50:47 RSDQ Model
52:16 The Extraordinary Leader
53:25 Q & A
01:03:20 Study of 100 Managers
01:05:52 Study of 302 Leaders from BEL
01:07:22 Commonly Observed Changes
01:08:25 Experiences
01:10:51 360 Degree Impact
01:11:33 Call for Action – Moving Ahead
01:18:11 Suggestions for Organizations
01:19:06 Conclusion and Q & A
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