Healthy Organisational Governance - Jen Charteris, Mirek Pieszka

Boards and governance structures come in different shapes and sizes, and their style and role may adjust over time as an organisation changes. But healthy accountability structures, enacted with godly wisdom and humility, have been part of the way God leads his people throughout history. This session examines biblical principles underpinning good governance and explores how to develop a healthy board and governance practices in individual contexts. It draws on the speakers’ experience of working with the boards of ministry and secular organisations around the world.

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Jen Charteris, originally from South Africa, is Executive Director of Crosslands Training, which provides in-context theological training up to Masters’ level across the UK, Europe and the 10:40 window. She has been a senior advisor on major change programmes in government, defence, infrastructure and financial services, taught on various MBA programmes and at the UK Military’s Defence Academy, worked internationally with the leaders of Christian ministry organisations, and has many years of board experience.

Mirek Pieszka was a pioneer and the first national director of ChSA (IFES Poland) in the nineties, and he later assumed the role of associate regional secretary for the IFES European Region. Through the IFES ministry, he has been coordinating many strategic developments. He has always been passionate about growing leaders and laying strong governance foundations for the ministry at the same time. Since 2012, he has been serving as the director of the global IFES Governance Development Program.
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