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Healthy Living at Farm: Kapiva Aloe Garcinia Juice could be your companion in effective weight management. This herbal juice is made from the fresh pulp of Rajasthan’s Aloe Vera and Kokum (Garcinia Indica). Treat yourself with this healthy juice and get rid of even the most stubborn fats in your body.

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Kapiva Aloe Garcinina Juice Health Benefits:
Kapiva’s Aloe garcinia Juice has fresh Aloe vera sourced from Thar Rajasthan! It also has Garcinia Indica (commonly known as Kokum in India) which is effective in healthy weight management
Various enzymes that are responsible for boosting metabolism are present in this juice. This juice curbs your sugar cravings keep you full for a longer time and boosts your metabolism
This juice blocks the accumulation of unnecessary fat and unwanted deposits in your body. Garcinia Indica which is present in this juice contributes to feelings of fullness and satisfaction, leading to a reduction in food intake. It has also been shown to accelerate fat oxidation and decrease fat production in the body
Kapiva’s Aloe Garcinia Juice is also an excellent Detoxifier, This Aloe Garcinia juice has properties that help to flush out the toxins from your body
Consuming this juice regularly could burn away your stubborn body fat and make you feel healthier than before
This product is made from ingredients that are sourced from the purest places, hence healthy and safe to use.

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