Healthy Communication Styles in the Workplace (Ep. 89)

This week - we continue the insecurity track with a focus on healthy communication styles in the workplace.

As I break out on the podcast, the stakes are currently too high to fall back on theoretical, tactical communication “structures.” While they have their value, for us to effectively, and healthily, communicate - we need to develop a genuine and authentic communication style; one that’s rooted in our own security and has been built over time.

A few things to note:

First, when under pressure (or stress or difficult situations), it’s extremely important for executives to know what their “fallback” type of communication is - and whether that’s effective or not. The only way to know this is to reflect and test different types of behavior in regards to communication.

Second, being aware of healthy and unhealthy communication styles brings increased levels of awareness that may drive the levels of respect that are vital to a psychologically safe culture built on respect.

Finally, we all need to work on training our inner managerial discipline, and develop a practice of both self-monitoring and nurturing the ability to respond with knowledge rather than react. Like I’ve often said on this podcast: it’s logic vs. emotion.

The workplace is changing … and our ability to respond is deeply dependent on our ability to communicate well. This week - think through one of those challenging conversations you’ve had … and how you FELT in the moment. I’m willing to bet there is a security/insecurity aspect to it. :)

Enjoy the week!
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