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A common misconception that people have is, that the more no. of certifications they have on their CV, the more likely they will be to get a marketing job. Well, that's not completely true!

What companies look for are - right skills and not just certifications. And we personally believe that with the right skills and training, you can crack a Marketing role. The single biggest factor behind your success is the intent and effort that you put in. You will go through 8-9 hours of training every weekday in The Marketing Launchpad.

Our job is to ensure that each of those hours is training you for the skills required to crack the role and succeed in it. This means conceptual skills like excel, keyword research, media planning, as well as behavioral traits like ‘communication skills', ‘time management', and more. And based on this, we’ve built the curriculum with people who have worked in these roles on brands like MAGGI, Spotify, and Airbnb.

Hour after hour after hour we focus on only this.

The Best Part? If the job pays less than ₹4.5 LPA, you pay nothing!

Your job in all of this is to just immerse yourself. That starts with the screening test. Show us what you’ve got. All the best!

Applications for the next batch are open now.
If you have still not applied, don't wait any longer: https://bit.ly/3LXD9kE

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