Hard Skills Needed to Succeed at SDR Management

Josh Garrison joins Collin Stewart on this episode of the Predictable Revenue podcast to discuss the hard skills needed to succeed at SDR Management.

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Josh is the Head of Revenue at Teamflow, a remote office software for sales teams.

Highlights include: what skills to look for in a good SDR Manager (2:09)
advice for SDRs who want to grow into a management role (5:03)
what day-to-day life looks like as a sales manager (7:00)
how to prioritize your tasks as a manager (11:17)
four important stages of the hiring process (33:01)
the biggest mistake managers make in writing SDR job descriptions (44:17)
how to build a top-performing SDR team from the ground up and who to hire first (47:49)
coaching an SDR out of a slump (55:17)
how to recognize burnout in your reps (1:02:50)
how to balance your compensation plans to benefit your team and the company (1:06:00)
and the different career growth paths for an SDR Manager (1:09:20).


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