H Type Automatic Layer Chicken Cage for Poultry Farming Equipment--Battery Cage System

【H Type Automatic Layer Chicken Cage for Poultry Farming Equipment--Battery Cage System】
Welcome to join Henan Demeter Machinery Co., Ltd project for layer chicken cage.
It is one of our layer chicken cage projects with an H-TYPE fully automatic solution for commercial eggs.
The systems are automatic, including auto feeding, auto manure removal, auto egg collection, auto ventilation, auto lighting, and auto control system. For such a project, you only need one worker for daily management.
It is a 4-tier automatic layer chicken cage project, for a single shed can load up to 50,000pcs layer birds in one shed.

* Do you have some questions as below:
How much space do 100 layer chickens need?
What is a layer cage?
How do you build a chicken battery cage?
Why are laying hens kept in cages?
Let's check the video for a better understanding.

【Layer Chicken Cage for Poultry Farming --How to start poultry farming】
With H-type layer chicken cage equipment, each shed can feed up to 100,000pcs layer birds. The auto system makes poultry farming easy operation and reduces the labor cost. A project with 50,000pcs layer birds only requires 1 worker for daily management.
With the high-zin rate metal plate and modern processing equipment, Demeter machinery offers you a high standard quality project.

【About Demeter Machinery】
Henan Demeter Machinery has been developing and researching poultry equipment for layer chicken cages, broiler chicken cages, pullet chicken cages, and breeder chicken cages for over 24 years.
With 3 different engineer departments, including the ventilation control department, equipment development department, and production engineer department, we can offer the best quality poultry farming equipment for your project.
With the help of engineer departments, our equipment has become the leading poultry equipment supplier.
If you need to know the answer, please kindly contact us for solutions.
Whatsapp: +86 188 3819 6003
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.demeterpoultry.com www.demeterchickencage.com

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