Gunshot Wounds to Abdominal Solid Organs | The USC Trauma Surgery Course

Gunshot Wounds to Abdominal Solid Organs by Morgan Shellenberg, MD

The 2021 USC Trauma Surgery Course

Learn more and purchase at https://courses.ccme.org/course/usc-trauma.

Enjoy up-to-date presentations of over 60 leading-edge trauma, critical care, and acute care surgery topics from award-winning educators. Earn up to 15.5 CME credits.

Topics Include:

✓ Prehospital Management of Non-Compressible Bleeding
✓ Military-Civilian Partnerships: Pursuing Zero Preventable Deaths!
✓ Abdominal Compartment Syndrome: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Pitfalls
✓ Toxic Megacolon: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges
✓ Is ICP Monitoring in Head Trauma the Standard of Care?
✓ Systemic & Local Hemostatic Agents: Prehospital, ED and Operating Room
✓ Thoracostomy Tube Insertion: Tips, Pitfalls and Catastrophies
✓ Rescue Ventilation in the ICU
✓ Anesthesia for the Severe Trauma Patient: Tips and Pitfalls
✓ Cricothyroidotomy: Tips, Pitfalls, Catastrophes and Controversies
✓ Double Hit: The Burn Patient with Associated Trauma
✓ The Mangled Extremity: What to Do, Who Should Do It, and When?
✓ The Septic Abdomen: Negative Pressure Therapy, Instillation Therapy or Laparotomy on Demand?
✓ Enteroatmospheric Fistulas: The Local Control Nightmare!

And Many More!


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