Guide to PayPal Product Manager Interview: Process, Rounds, Questions & Essential Tips

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If you are looking to crack the PayPal Product Manager interview then watching this video will give you the 'must-know' information about it.
Get detailed step by step guidance of cracking the PayPal Product Manager interview. The video elaborates on the interview rounds, interview sessions, the questions that the interviewer might ask, how to answer them and much more.

00:00 Intro
00:28 Topic
01:04 Interview Process
01:42 Recruiter Phone Interview
02:50 Craft Rounds
04:01 Craft Categories 1) Product Strategy
04:22 Craft Categories 2) Product Design
05:04 Craft Categories 3) Experiential
07:06 Craft Categories 4) Behavioural
08:40 Craft Categories 5) Case Study
09:14 Craft Categories 6) Diagnosis
09:52 Craft Categories 7) Technical (for Tech PMs)
11:21 Paypal-Specific Tip
13:53 End Note

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