Guide of Home Hydroponics - Simple System

Guide of Home Hydroponics. Free preview from:

Learn how to grow your own food with hydroponic systems that you can build yourself.

This course is divided into five sections:

- First Part: Introduction to Hydroponics. In this chapter you will acquire all the necessary knowledge and techniques for growing all kinds of vegetables. Topics on germination and transplantation, substrates, nutrient solutions, pH control and electrical conductivity, types of systems, pest control and management, etc. will be discussed. Demonstrative practical lessons are included for the construction of hydroponic systems such as the substrate cultivation system, NFT system, floating root system, vertical cultivation systems.

- Second Part: Calculation and Preparation of Nutrient Solutions. In the second part you will learn to perform the calculations to prepare the nutrient solutions. Fertilizers are reviewed and demonstration practical lessons for the preparation of concentrated solutions are included.

- Third Part: Materials and Equipment for Hydroponic Growing. The third section presents a summary of different materials and equipment necessary for cultivation.

- Fourth Part: Details of Specific Crops. In the fourth section we will see in detail the requirements and care of three crops in particular, such as lettuce; tomato and hemp.

- Fifth Part: Tips, News, Questions and Answers, Etc. This section is constantly evolving and new lessons and videos will be added.

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