Growing a Civil Engineering Firm | With a Focus on Client and Employee Experience

Focusing on the client and employee experience are two critical components of building a civil engineering firm. In this video, Johanna Gessner, CEO, and co-founder at Gessner Engineering, LLC talks about how she takes a high impact approach to building a successful firm, by focusing on what matters most. #CEO #civilengineering #civilengineeringfirm #clientexperience #employeeexperience

0:00 Intro
0:29 Sponsor BigTime
1:40 Johanna talks about Gessner Engineering
2:05 How did you get to where you are today?
4:03 What would your staff say is your management style?
5:00 How do you as a leader handle highs and lows in the workplace?
6:27 How do you keep up with the changing technology?
12:07 How has remote work changed your company?
16:57 The Impact of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
21:50 What do Diversity and Inclusion mean to you and how does your firm support them?
25:26 The most important trait for civil engineering professionals to have today
27:52 How does a working engineer add value to their organization?
29:41 The one business challenge an employee can solve that would make the biggest impact...
37:22 What are you most afraid of regarding the future success of the industry?
42:16 How do you decide what you work on each day?
44:19 Book Recommendation...
45:51 The Business Development Process as a CEO
47:29 Outro

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