Corrosion Management
Corrosion Management Corrosion Assessment Steel corrosion is the main source of damage and early failure of reinforced concrete structures and steel made assets that in turns create huge economical loss and environmental problems. BCRC has wide experience in corrosion assessments techniques such as half-cell potential, concrete resistivity measurements, gravimetric weight loss measurement, electrical resistivity, sensors …
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Non-destructive Testing
Non-destructive Testing Concrete Testing BCRC's consultants have been involved in the use and development of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) for over 30 years. Frank Papworth commenced his involvement with NDT in 1978 when he managed one of the UK government sponsored programmes in 'Concrete in the Oceans' to assess the performance of marine structures. It …
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Construction Quality Management
Construction Quality Management Many of BCRC consultants have extensive experience in quality management. It is something that pervades all areas of the construction industry. Marton Marosszeky has literally written the book on quality management, Bob Munn took a broad overview of quality control for concrete materials and concrete supply at one of Australia's leading concrete …
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Service Life Modelling – CREAD™
Service Life Modelling - CREAD™ BCRC conducts structural and durability surveys and provides world-leading remaining service life calculations using in-house and industry accepted models for both chloride ion and carbonation induced concrete reinforcement corrosion, to determine the remaining service life of the structural elements. BCRC’s durability practice lead, Frank Papworth, is the Immediate past chair …
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Inspection & Testing
Inspection & Testing BCRC are experts in the inspection and testing of all types of structures across all market sectors: Buildings & Strata Multi-storey buildings Heritage buildings Strata apartments Shopping centres Pavements and floors Stadiums Marine Structures Jetties and Wharves Ports Bridges (marine) Off shore platforms Transportation Bridges (pedestrian, road and rail) Tunnels (road, rail, …
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Building Inspection And Repair
Building & Strata Inspection & Repair With the upswing in residential apartment construction in Australian cities has come an unfortunate increase in strata building construction defects as contractors cut corners and trial new systems and materials without proper evaluation or training. BCRC is well-equipped to provide technical expert advice to lawyers, strata managers and Owners …
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Concrete Structures Inspection
Concrete Inspection - NOW OFFERING DRONES INSPECTION Concrete Inspection - NOW OFFERING DRONES INSPECTION BCRC are experts in inspection, testing and assessment of concrete structures. Because we are engineers, we understand how structural behaviour impacts on selection of test areas. We are also experts in concrete durability, so we know how the exposure and structure …
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