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GRC: The Advanced Certificate in Governance, Risk Management and Data Compliance comprises of six modules. The objective of the programme is to assist senior management teams as well as data protection, security and compliance professionals in SMEs to transform their businesses digitally while effectively governing data.

Module 1: Crisis Communications and Data Breach Response (3 days)
Module 2: Managing Performance, Stakeholders, Team Strengths for Data Governance (2 days)
Module 3: Data Ethics and AI Governance Frameworks (2 days)
Module 4: Policy and Third Party Management of Data (2 days)
Module 5: Governance, Risk, Compliance: A Hands-on Approach (2 days)
Module 6: Business Continuity Management for Managers (2 days)It is important for corporates to develop an innovative approach to managing and enhancing corporate governance and risk management.

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At the end of the Governance, Risk, Compliance: A Hands-on Approach course, participants will be able to:
1. Gain an understanding of the elements of governance, risk, and compliance.
2. Understand principled performance and the integrated approach to G.R.C.
3. Develop a G.R.C strategic plan using a case study.
4. Implement effective, efficient, and agile GRC processes using the OCEG GRC Capability model.
5. Monitor and improve GRC activities through metrics and measurement.
6. Understand, define and enhance organizational culture.
7. Learn how to utilise technology in GRC.



The Data Protection Excellence (DPEX) Network is the first of its kind facility in the ASEAN region whose aim is to provide leadership, best practices, training, research and support for all things surrounding data privacy from an operational perspective.

This collaboration of partnerships comprise certification bodies, law firms, universities and organisations who provide professional services and technologies relating to data privacy.

An ever-growing network of certification and learning bodies, members currently include Straits Interactive, De La Salle University, Philippines, International Islamic University of Malaysia, Singapore Management University Academy and Telkom University, Indonesia, IAPP, EXIN and OCEG.

The DPEX Network is honoured to have the following Independent International Advisors on the panel, who volunteer their services to guide the community in their competency and compliance journey in the region.


Straits Interactive delivers end to end governance, risk and compliance solutions that enable businesses to create a trusted business environment and achieve responsible marketing, especially in the area of data privacy and protection.

We help businesses achieve operational compliance and manage risks through a combination of cloud technology and professional services and enable platform interactions. By adopting a life-cycle approach to operational compliance and risk management, organisations are able to:

Assess risks and compliance status
Protect against these risks and implement policies/practices
Sustain compliance efforts through audits, training and ongoing monitoring
Respond to queries or incidents

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