GRAViiTY - Seeds Bomb (Official Music Video)

An energetic music with a mix of several music styles. The video tells the story of the last family left alive whose mission is to re-oxygenate their planets before it's too late.
Will they succeed in their mission? What will happen? Answer at the end of the video...
I'm counting on you to be there because they will need your presence.

"Seeds Bomb" available 01/01/2022 on all streaming platforms : SPOTIFY, DEEZER, TIDAL, SOUNDCLOUD, iTUNES, etc..


Music : GRAViiTY
Scenario : GRAViiTY
Directed , shot and edited by Jonathan Perrut

Art direction : Futuravapeur
Actors : Fridhilde Brigantia, Arnorial & Triovens, Futuravapeur

Production unit manager: Xavier Badaire
1st AD : Arthur Patin
Light : Dimitri Duval
Post-production direction & VFX : Arthur Shelton
VFX & 3D : Gwendal Le Naour
Drone shot : Morgad Le Naour

Produced by Pyramiid Production
Management : Christophe Moulin

Thanks : Michel Grosz , Stand de tir de Soumont Saint Quentin , Mr Hamel, Ex Aequo, Vincent Eudier

GRAViiTY © 2022
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