Gratitude for our Instructorship and the people behind it.

These K38 instructors have put a lot of hard hours into their training knowledge to develop their expertise. I am thankful for each of them. May we all strive a little further in the upcoming year. God bless you all.

"A Moment for Safety Will Save a Lifetime of Regret"
-Brian Bendix, 2017 Wake of Fame Inductee

About K38

K38 training programs evolved since 1989; and is the recognized global leader for PWC, RWC and MRV standardization, methods and best practices.
Along with a cadre of professional boating safety instructors, K38 teaches Personal Watercraft and Rescue Water Craft courses in swift water & flood rescue, big wave surf safety, PWC competitions, open water, surf and disaster management for occupational lifesavers.
K38 provides program development and training for Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue and Military communities.
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K38 does not endorse viewers to use K38 videos as training aids.
K38 endorses viewers to register for a certified course, come prepared to train, test your capability, if you succeed, you earn the rewards of vetting through professional development. Take a certified course that represents the area of expertise. Then practice and develop your skills.
A RWC course alone does not prepare a student for real world pressures and realities, it is merely the first step in a long process.
You must be prepared, use proper PPE, possess both physical and mental conditioning and be familiar with equipment. You must stay current in the standards and best practices.
This video in no way represents training aids. There may be actions in this video that are corrected during training that are not covered by the viewer and misinterpreted. Video content is filmed during various stages of work or training evolution with qualified instructors advising and correcting student candidate behaviors, those may not be reflected in the presentation.
View at your own discretion but do not use and place yourself and others at risk for mediocre training standards, this is not a training aid, nor a complete overview of our training methods and corrections for learning evolutions.
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