Governance, Risk, And Compliance: Protecting The Business With Policies, Controls, And Audits

GRC is comprised of the ethical management of an organization combined with the organization’s ability to identify, quantify, and manage risk, along with the ability to demonstrate compliance for these things in connection with internal, industry, and regulatory standards, frameworks, and requirements. If defined, implemented, and managed correctly, the organization should be in a strong position to withstand operational challenges and threats they face driven by forces such as market dynamics, competitive landscape, employee behavior, breaks in the supply chain, and exposure to cyberattacks.

During this conversation, we will discuss:
- What is the current definition of GRC
- What are the objectives of GRC plan
- What components make up a GRC plan
- Who owns the plan, who are the key stakeholders
- How does a GRC plan get defined and implemented
- What outcomes can a company expect to achieve
- How does an organization define and measure success with their GRC plan

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