Governance, Management and Leadership Training (GMLT), October 2022, London Oxford Cambridge

The 9th Governance, Management and Leadership Training (GMLT 2022) with the theme 'Synergizing Visibility and Sustainability' was held in conjunction with Strategic Leadership Roundtable (SLR 2022), 5th International Conference on Governance and Strategic Management (ICGSM 2022) and 12th International Conference of Financial Criminology (ICFC 2022) has successfully completed. GMLT 2022 took off on 20th July 2022 at Institute of Leadership and Development (ILD), UiTM with GMLT Module 1 and Module 2. This session was conducted in hybrid session. This programme then continue with the modules in United Kingdom starting 22-29 August. Included in modules, participants were required to attend SLR, ICGSM and ICFC programme. The participants were from the statutory bodies as well as quasi-governmental organisations including public universities in Malaysia. GMLT 2022 focused specifically on the note of leadership and management. This programme served as training avenue that should equip the participants with the required knowledge and skills needed to develop strategies methodically, professionally and analytically, which will enable them to deliver creative solutions and critically make intelligent choices for their organisations. Through relevant leading, the participants were given case discussion and exercises to be completed in group and individual. At the end of the programme, the participants have deeper understanding on key elements of direction and governance, such as: accountability, stakeholder management, transparency, leadership, social management, able to drive strategic innovation model, have better understanding of personal strengths as a strategic thinker, leader and manager and areas for further development and improve visibility from high impact opportunities and innovation of education with famous multiple universities through international matching research grants and publications. The participants also able to exchange best practises in strategic leadership and management, as well as building value-added networking for future collaborations.
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