Governance is the only ally of the Blockchain space

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The FTX blowup is an opportunity to acknowledge that Governance is the only alley for the Blockchain space. The learnings from this year`s crypto events (not at all black Swans) offer important lessons for the Blockchain sector. Dr. Eelco Fiole, a governance specialist with experience in the investment industry and the Digital Assets sector, is a frequent guest to discuss these topics.

00:00 Intro & the top 3 FTX Governance violations
08:05 Perspectives on Due Diligence vs. Governance in a pre-regulation environment
15:32 Oversight and the contagion - VCs, regulators, investors
19:31 Jurisdiction shopping in the Digital Assets space
22:31 Governance of the Treasuries of protocols, the Protocols, and the DAOs in Web3
27:12 The suggested best practices of Proof of Reserves
29:35 The direction of travel is more Data analytics providers But Eelco is clear that this is not enough - what more is needed? ...
33:37 Governance is your only alley


Previous discussions with Eelco Fiole
- A look at Governance in this Defi meltdown (June 2022) https://youtu.be/J6SP1D6-pAc
- Hello, it's me - G for Governance in Tokenization - https://youtu.be/z_h08oxiU6I

Dr Eelco Fiole, CFA is co-founder and the managing partner of Alpha Governance Partners (alpha-gp.com), which is focused on governance for digital and sustainable investment management globally.
Eelco is also adjunct professor finance ethics at the Universities of Neuchatel and Lausanne. He is a risk governance expert with current board mandates in tokenisation, Web3, fintech, social impact, and sustainability.
A Dutchman, Eelco has almost 30 years in finance, of which over 15 years of board-, COO- and CFO-experience with multi-bn USD investment entities.
He holds a PhD in economics (Basel) and post-grad degrees in a.o. blockchain technologies (Barcelona) and Social Innovation (Cambridge) and various professional designations.
Dr Fiole volunteers in various high-end professional bodies, and writes and speaks on governance in finance and blockchain. Deeply international, he has 20+ years of substantial private exposure to China. Eelco is the 2022 recipient of the Inspirational Leader Award of CFA Institute.
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