Governance & Institutional Processes that promotes One Health

The Indian Himalayan Region has a rich institutional tradition of governance that has brought together people and the land under management regimes and norms as well as taken forward demands of greater environmental stewardship. Local self-governance of the PRI, ULBs Autonomous Councils, Traditional Institutions, Forest Management Committees play an important role in the development pathways of the communities. These empowered local self-government institutions offer great opportunities for the actualisation of One Health at a local level as they are already spearheading many key Acts and Missions. Convergence the “buzz” word makes it possible to go beyond sectoral silos which is the key to the One Health approach.

This session will be a culmination of the discussions of the previous sessions and negotiate actionable pathways Towards One Health in the IHR. The previous thematic sessions of One Health response to Zoonosis; Sustainable Food systems; Biodiversity and Ecosystems for human health will inform of the issues, gaps, challenges and opportunities in three critical pillars which needs to be synergistic and multidisciplinary to be taken forward to operationalise One Health. The session will not only look at actualising One Health with the three pillars but also critically analyse existing governance and institutional processes and delineate practical pathways to promote One Health at all levelsl. It will also inform policy on One Health with a mountain lens.

Some of the pertinent discussions for the SMDSX - Governance and institutional processes that promotes One Health will be:

Creating a cross sector learning environment for One Health:
Discussion on mechanisms for specialised departments with domain experts to learn from environments that address issues with an interdisciplinary and holistic approach.

Institutional analysis for One Health implementation:
Discussions on the need to critically analyse institutions and gaps in terms of inclusion, equity, sustainability and long-term vision.

Identifying and filling critical gaps for mainstreaming:
Discussions on the issues of gap in science, policy and knowledge transfer for the mountains regarding One Health. Streamline buzz/popular words like “convergence” and “synergy” to move towards praxis.

One Health and local self-government:
Discussions on opportunities and challenges of mainstreaming One Health in the local self-government institutions. Discussions on best practices, experiential learning and critical feedback of grassroots democracy on One Health approach.
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