Governance in space - highlights

What is ahead on the next frontier of governance? This event looks at the intricate landscape of governance in space.

Earth’s orbit is a common pool resource without a central authority controlling who is doing what. This results in a serious governance and collective action problem that some refer to as the ‘Wild West’.

SpaceX gets a lot of attention in this debate as they have acquired more than 25 per cent of the 9,000 satellites in Earth’s orbit, but there are more than 1,500 ‘space actors’ involved, from more than 200 countries, the vast majority of which are for-profit entities.

Participants consider:

What are the most pressing challenges to outer space security?
Is there an agreement on what are the rules and norms governing outer space and what if they are not abided by?
How has the increased presence of the private sector in space changed outer space governance?
Does current global space governance sufficiently address the increasing role and influence of private sector actors?
What are the existing multilateral initiatives in this field?

Chatham House thanks Leonardo for its generous support of our space work.

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