Governance, Compliance & Data Protection in Fin Services with Insurance SETU Carlow (ATU Donegal)

Insurance at SETU Carlow (http://www.insuranceitcarlow.ie/) introduces a very insightful session on governance, compliance and data protection hosted by the ATU Donegal Head of Dept. of Law, Siobhán Cullen including ATU Donegal lecturers in Governance and Fintech, Joanne Enright and Fiona Gildea where we were joined by:

 Kevin McLaughlin: Global Privacy Manager with Facebook / Meta

 Naomi Hegarty: IT Risk & Global Tech Privacy Officer with PGIM Ireland

Among the topics discussed were:
 The role of Green Finance and the need to be good corporate citizens, the evolving role of compliance in the Financial Services sector and beyond and the challenges and opportunities of innovation including the rise of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
 We also discussed the risks and opportunities associated with the open Blockchain, from smart contracts to NFTs and how Blockchain and the GDPR could be on a collision course.
 As competition for compliance officers intensifies within industry amid a swathe of upcoming new regulation, the time is now is to start your compliance journey today.

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