Governance and ALM | The Low Code Revolution

Managing a lot of environments can be tricky in normal coding environments. In Power Platform where you don’t have direct access to a lot of things it becomes even more complex! In this session I will quickly show how to set up deployment and management of environments to have them future proof and ready for ALM. In this episode April Dunnam discusses Governance and ALM with Power Platform Consultant Iona Vargas.

00:00 - Intros
02:08 - How does the Power Platform handle ALM
03:45 - Demo: Configuring the solution and environment
04:54 - What are environments?
05:20 - Creating the app registration in Azure
06:30 - Configuring app permissions for Power Apps
07:52 - Creating the Azure DevOps Pipelines
12: 35 - Wrap up
13:18 - Resources
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