Governance 4 Sustainable Pastoralism by Loupa/IUCN 2021

Rangelands occupy more than 54% of the terrestrial surface and are found on every continent around the world. One-third of the below-ground terrestrial carbon worldwide is stored under rangeland soils. #Loupa Pius, the project Coordinator at Dynamic Agro-pastoralist Development Organization (#DADO), founder of AridLandscape Initiative Africa (#ALIN), a member of CELEP, and a member of International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists #IYRP East and Southern Africa working Group discusses the understanding of the value of governance, land tenure and mobility for achieving sustainable pastoralism and mobilizing global restoration actions through investments, including in research and land restoration with a focus on "Governance for sustainable pastoralism that creates value out of variability" During the virtual conference on International Grasslands and Rangeland Congress 2021 in Nairobi.
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