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Every beginner struggles with how to get started with coding once they decide to pursue it. Here’s Shubham Agrawal (SWE III, Google) giving you the much-needed clarity. Check out our FREE masterclasses by leading industry experts now: https://www.scaler.com/events?utm_source=osocial&utm_medium=googleyoutube&utm_campaign=brand_scaler_events_osocial_googleyoutube_how-to-start-coding-and-coding-projects_all&utm_content=description

There are various factors that come to play when you are deciding where to start your coding journey. Additionally, if you want to pursue coding as your career, simply learning the basics won't cut it. To excel at coding, you must know what projects to take on. That's why we've provided you with this video.

Who are Software Engineers?

Software engineers are specialists in computer science who create software products, create computer games, and manage network control systems using their understanding of engineering principles and programming languages.

What are programming languages?

A programming language is a type of computer language that programmers use to create software applications, scripts, or other collections of instructions that are executed by computers.

Today, hundreds of programming languages are in use. Some are immensely popular, while others have fallen out of favour.
Knowing many programming languages can be intimidating for a programmer, but it can also bring a feeling of pride.

Choosing what to specialise in can be a difficult decision for both new and seasoned coders who want to keep on top of the newest IT developments.

So if you want someone to guide you through various programming languages and coding projects to kickstart your coding journey, SWE III at Google is the expert you need to hear.

Want to improve your problem-solving skills?
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Here are topics covered:
0:00 - Different motives to learn programming
4:18 - How to learn any programming language?
6:11 - Starter project ideas
7:51 - My Experience
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