Google RRK (Role-Related Knowledge) Interview Prep Using ChatGPT - Part #3

Google RRK (Role-Related Knowledge) Interview Prep Using ChatGPT - Part #3d

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Specific Prompts I used in my video:

Prompt #1:
I am headed into a Role Related Knowledge interview at Google. Pasted below are my resume and the job description. When looking at my resume and the job description, what are the most important items I should be considering before entering this interview, please let me know if you have any questions.

Prompt #2:
Awesome, thanks! Now let's add another layer, specifically, let's bring more focus to the top three themes in the job description, so when talking about Program Management, Global Talent and Organizational Resilience, what are some other concepts I want to consider when preparing for this interview

Prompt #3:
Great! Now that we have built a good foundation and understanding of what is needed to have success in this role, as you look at my resume and the job description, what examples that I have highlighted in my resume do you think I should focus on when answering behavioral interview questions?

Prompt #4:
Let's now move onto hypothetical questions. In Google's role-related knowledge interview, they commonly ask hypothetical questions. So keeping in mind this is a Program Manager role focused on Global Talent and Organizational Resilience, I am looking for two pieces of data, what are some sample hypothetical job interview questions, and coupled with the questions, what are the major themes/items I should focus on when answering these types of questions

Prompt #5:
Now that we have identified the themes from these questions, can we go a level deeper and clarify these three hypothetical questions. Specifically, can you provide me with only either/or questions or yes/no questions that can be used to gather specific information or make decisions? I want to always include options in the questions, no open-ended questions please

Prompt #6:
Awesome! Let's go one more layer into these three hypothetical questions. Let's say we have asked these questions and provided our interviewer with the major themes, now let's make some assumptions before solving these hypothetical answers. Assumptions are critical because they create a visual journey for the interviewer, so can you please make three to five very specific assumptions for each one of these questions before solving? Things to keep, these assumptions should be about the key people, processes, and or technologies and these items should be SPECIFIC and bring in some creativity.

Prompt #7:
Ok, lastly, I want to tackle some more specific role-related questions for this position. What I mean is very direct questions that are not really behavioral or hypothetical, more matter of fact questions related to this position and its requirements. Can you create some sample job interview questions like that for me?
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