Goodfellow Unit Webinar: Lower back pain

Lower back pain: when is conservative or surgical treatment required?

A combined session presented by Mr John Ferguson, orthopaedic spinal surgeon and Dr Giresh Kanji, MSK pain specialist, covers the influences and conservative management of spinal pain and when to refer for surgery when conservative management fails.

Dr Giresh Kanji – MSK pain specialist, will be presenting on the influences and conservative management element, including:

Neurophysiology - pain threshold
lumbosacral pathology - disc/facet/hip/SI
biomechanics and influences of time
common medications and how they are used
lifestyle and activity modification.

Dr John Ferguson FRACS will be presenting on the red flags and when to refer to a spinal surgeon when conservative management fails, specifically covering:

When to send straight to the public ED? How do I get past the registrar?
How to get the spine surgeon to pay attention?
How to manage the wait for specialist consultation.
Indications for appropriate surgery.

00:01 Intro
01:03 Presentation (Giresh Kanji)
30:27 Presentation (John Ferguson)
51:13 Audience Q&A
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