Good DESIGN THINKING is Good Business, Poster 6, by Dharam Mentor

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Dharam is a firm believer and advocates the ‘Good Design-thinking is Good Business.’ Regrettably, for a good number of people, the word 'design' equals drawing, painting, aesthetics, styling, etc. However, significantly fewer people can associate the correct definition of 'Design' equals to the 'Problem-solving' process.

The good 'Design-thinking' approach encompasses several tools that enable us to arrive at adequate solutions. The problem can be of any nature, from structural design to cultural appropriation, style segmentation to meaningful communication, corporate branding to products/services branding, or Emotional innovation to Process Innovation.

What drives Dharam in his professional life is practically proving how 'Good Design thinking' translates into 'Good Business' to entrepreneurs, business owners, and startups. He has acquired his master's in Branding degree from the University of the Arts London and is also an alumnus of the prestigious London College of Communication.
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