Going Meta - a series on graphs, semantics and knowledge

Cypher and SPARQL side by side
The main Property Graph and RDF graph query languages compared in a hands on session. We will take a data set and load it both in Neo4j and an RDF store and run and analyse a number of queries to try and understand how the two models and languages relate.

British Library SPARQL: https://bnb.data.bl.uk/flint-sparql
Code: https://github.com/jbarrasa/goingmeta

Follow Jesús: https://twitter.com/BarrasaDV
Jesús blog: https://jbarrasa.com/

Ontologies in Neo4j: Semantics and Knowledge Graphs: https://neo4j.com/blog/ontologies-in-neo4j-semantics-and-knowledge-graphs/
neosemantics: https://neo4j.com/labs/neosemantics/
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