GMAT For Beginners - What Is The GMAT Exam? GMAT filters And MBA Really Teaches Student?

What is the GMAT exam? And why it is important to know? The GMAT exam is a barrier exam for business schools. Designed to test people wanting to get their business degree. And to weed out the weakest. MBA does not teach business skills.

By entering graduate business programs
In various business schools in colleges around the world
Such programs include MBA - Master of Business Administration
Or graduate business management programs
What is the GMAT exam? And here is the truth
The GMAT test is administered to weed out people
Who may be incapable of studying complex business concepts

And those who may be incapable of studying business
But I can tell you with complete confidence
That MBA program is easier than the GMAT exam
I suspect top business schools want to filter people
And allow only smart students into the program
That is why they have such high GMAT score requirements
What is the GMAT exam? GMAT exam tests the following:
Basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, then data analysis, and grammar.
Overall, the GMAT exam tests the following skills:
Analytical writing and problem-solving abilities

As well as logic, and critical reasoning skills.
GMAT does not test your business skills
Or your ability to start, build and conduct business
GMAT also does not test your sales skills
Essentially, business programs are not creating businesspeople
They are creating analysts or managers for existing companies
Because business skills are taught by real life
Business programs only teach the understanding of
Some commonly accepted business technicalities
And overall business concepts and jargon

On the other hand, MBA knowledge helped me
Many times over in my work and life over the years
But again, the GMAT is harder than a business school
So, if you pass the GMAT with a good score
You will do well in a graduate business program like MBA
What is the GMAT exam? It is the exam to filter out less capable
Business academic learners, and to find better analysts and managers
However, business involves many other skills
Which are not tested on the GMAT exam at all
Like communication or sales skills, charisma and people skills

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