Global Good Governance Summit - 2022

This, the second in what is intended to be an annual event, sees Julie again host a globally important panel of experts. Prof Mervyn King, Dr Axel Kravatzky, Jane Valls, Tracy Gordon and Erika Eliasson-Norris.

They discuss the status of governance in their particular regions and areas of expertise, and then where they feel the focus areas should be for good governance in the year ahead.

The first Global Good Governance Summit “Good Governance for 21st Century Organizations” was held on 23 September 2021. The event was facilitated by Julie Garland McLellan in two parts: (1) Fireside chat with key influencers of governance in the 20th Century – Prof Mervyn King, Prof Bob Garratt and Peter Dey, and (2) the launch of the first ever internationally agreed standard for the governance of organizations, ISO 37000.
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