Global Context Anomaly Detection with MVTec MERLIC

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use MVTec MERLIC’s new “Detect Anomalies in the Global Context”-Tool, which features MVTec’s state of the art technology Global Context Anomaly Detection. This tool allows MERLIC users to detect logical and structural anomalies with their images.
We will take a look at how to import a trained model and how to use or not use the internal evaluation data of said model within MERLIC.

0:00 Introduction
0:26 Global Context Anomaly Detection Workflow
0:56 Goal of the Example Application
1:12 Adding the “Detect Anomalies in the Global Context” Tool to the Tool Flow
1:32 Importing a Trained Model for Global Context Anomaly Detection
1:50 “Use Internal Data of Model”
3:30 Supported Processing Devices
3:58 Visualization within the MERLIC Frontend
4:48 Conclusion

In this video MERLIC 5.2 is used.

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