GGIians hired by BCG ❤️

How to get into BCG, McKinsey, Bain?

It is a 5 step process and will require at least 80 hours of effort.

Step 1: Refine your Business Concepts - Core concepts of Finance, Accounting, Operations, Business Strategy should be learned before anything else. You will outshine your peers when you could apply Porter’s 5 Forces, or Ansoff Matrix in real-time during the interviews. (10 hours)
(MBA for Impact Masterclass)

Step 2: Refine your Public Policy Concepts: From Market Failures to Sustainable Consulting- rich perspective around these topics will help you outshine not just in the interviews but also in every aspect of life. Policy Consulting and Management consulting Masterclass by Global Governance Initiative would come to the rescue (20 hours).

Step 3: Refine your communications concepts: There are various styles of communications: from the Pyramid Principle to the STAR framework. These principles will help you outshine in the personal interview component of your MBBs, World Bank, United Nations (20 hours)

Step 4: Practice cases and learn concepts here (GGI Scholars have free access to Schrodinger Tool): https://www.globalgovernanceinitiativ...

Do not spend more than 15 hours of your time here. If you can somehow get selected for the Global Governance Initiative's Scholar's Program - you would have inadvertently completed the first 3 steps.

Link for GGI Scholars 2021 - https://www.globalgovernanceinitiativ...

Step 5: Focus on Networking: Believe it or not, from getting an internship to an eventual interview - networks that I developed across geographies helped me at every step. (5 hours)

Step 6: Focus on Mental Health: It doesn’t matter how well you are prepared for your consulting/UN/World bank interviews - as long as you are calm, relaxed, and composed - you will conquer the world. Here again, the Global Governance Initiative Fellowship will come to the rescue.

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