GGI MBA Scholar Joins Samagra Governance via our Employment Partnership (GGI Reviews)

Here is a GGI MBA Scholar, not GGI Alum, sharing her Global Governance Initiative review.

There is no "typical" GGI career path. You will be joined by the diverse GGI alumni spanning sectors, industries, and geographies, and interests range from political risk analysis, banking to consulting, civil services applicants in the emerging markets to policy work in international organizations.

Impact Scholars has positioned GGI Alumni for careers in a variety of sectors. Examples include :

Large Management Consulting Firms such as The Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey, Bain & Company;

International Organizations such as United Nations, and the International Finance Corporation;

Social Impact Consulting Groups like Bridgespan, FSG. Dalberg

Large Multinationals such as Amazon, Unilever, and Procter & Gamle;

Organizations focussed on developing market interests such as Dalberg.

Many large employers find that Impact Fellowship from Global Governance Initiative prepares Young Professionals not only for General Management Positions but also for jobs within governmental affairs, environmental affairs, other functional areas that necessitate an education that goes beyond traditional business skills.

Impact Fellows at Global Governance Initiative are positioned to have a deep understanding of the complexity of national and local situations.

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