Getting Started with OpenSSH Key Management

In various tutorials throughout the history of LearnLinuxTV, we've gone over the importance of using public keys with OpenSSH. But what do you do when you have multiple clients you work with, how do you manage keys between them? In this video, we'll go through an example scenario where we have three clients, and we need to maintain multiple SSH keys for each.

Note: It's recommended to watch the ssh config file video prior to watching this one: https://youtu.be/MWqfc_fegVg

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## Individual Sections:
00:00 - intro
01:58 - Overview of the sample scenario
04:49 - Using the ssh-keygen command to generate an RSA key
08:17 - Creating an SSH key pair for company #1 (Acme)
11:10 - Creating SSH key pairs for the other two companies
12:14 - Associating the SSH keys with their respective servers
14:11 - Specifying a particular key while connecting to a server
15:41 - Using the SSH agent to cache the passphrase for a key
18:57 - Specifying an SSH key within the SSH client config file

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