Getting Started in Real Estate, Fund of Funds Investments, & More | Real Estate Syndicator Live #15

Mauricio Rauld opens it up to a Live Q&A discussing Fund of Funds, Accredited Investor Updates, Capital Raisers and much much more. All questions timestamped below.

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0:00 Intro
2:05 Is there an issue with "soft commitments" in fund of funds?
5:53 In fund of funds, what happens after you close the first deal?
9:37 If you are an investment advisor, can you structure each fund individually?
14:13 What's the first step for starting a syndication business?
18:45 Can you send potential investors a questionnaire?
22:15 Do international investors have different accreditation requirements?
25:10 If someone is a director or executive, can they loan money to their own company?
27:43 Has the SEC updated accredited investor rules yet?
29:34 Do you still need a pre-existing relationship before signing the PSA?
33:25 Do you need to put ALL proceeds into a new deal with 1031 exchanges?
34:51 Are loans different than equity?
37:58 What's the best structure to get paid for raising capital?
42:36 What can yo do if all that needs to be done is raising capital?
45:51 How do you evaluate net worth with foreign currencies?
48:37 Does owning real estate in the US make it easier to maintain accreditation status?
49:53 Should you set up entities first or find deals when starting out in syndications?
53:06 Conclusion


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Known as one of the few lawyers that actually speaks English, Mauricio is one of the premier syndication attorneys in the country helping real estate syndicators raise hundreds of millions of dollars to pursue their dreams of financial independence.

Mauricio is the founder and Chairman of Premier Law Group and spends 100% of his practice on syndications for real estate investors. With over 22 years of securities experience, Mauricio and his team specialize in Reg D exempt offerings and educates investors from around the world on how to navigate the complex world of securities laws.

Named as a one of the Top attorney under 40 by Super Lawyers magazine, Mauricio regularly shares the stage with The Real Estate Guys and the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, Ken McElroy, Brad Sumrok, Peter Schiff, and others.

An educator at heart, Mauricio regularly travels around the country speaking to real estate investors and entrepreneurs, educating them about how the syndication legal piece fits into the overall syndication puzzle.

He is also a constant on the real estate investing podcast circuit, regularly contributing to The Real Estate Guys Radio show (consistently one of the most downloaded podcast on real estate investing) where Mauricio is Robert Helms’ personal attorney. He has also been featured on The Lifetime Cashflow through Real Estate (Rod Khleif), The Ken McElroy Podcast, and The Best Real Estate Show Ever (Joe Fairless) among countless others.

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