Getting Down to Business: An Institutional Approach to Organizational Management | Dr. Ruth Allen

Dr. Allen has over 30 years of experience as an educator in both the UK and Colombia. After various roles including HS teacher, Curriculum Coordinator and HS Principal, Dr. Allen has now served as a Head of School for 16 years. She is currently Superintendent at The Columbus School, Medellin, Colombia.

Dr. Allen holds an MA in Language Studies from the University of Lancaster, and an MSc in Multidisciplinary studies from SUNY, Buffalo. She earned her doctorate from the University of Bath, where she focused on educational leadership, administration, and the concept of establishing institutional legitimacy in international schools. She was awarded the Jeff Thompson Prize for her thesis.

Dr Allen has served as a Cognia lead evaluator on accreditation reviews for a number of years and was previously chair of the AdvancED Latin American Council.

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0:00 Stories in International Education Leadership
1:20 You background in international education
3:35 Key points from your chapter you hope readers take away with them
9:30 What makes international education unique?
12:45 What aspect of the chapter would you explore further?
16:55 What experience do you share with family and friends?
20:53 What is the one spot you always dream of returning to, and why?
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