GENIAL! Kostenloser RIMWORLD Klon für MOBILE! ⚒️ | Going Deeper | colony sim | 1/3

GENIAL! Kostenloser RIMWORLD Klon für MOBILE! ⚒️

⚒️ Going Deeper ⚒️ | Mittelalter Kolonie-Simulation | Angespielt 1/3 | deutsch german gameplay

Willkommen in der MobileGlotze & Going Deeper!

Going Deeper ist ein Mobile Game, welches ich via GooglePlay auf Android spiele.

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Über das Spiel:

Strategie / Simulation: Baue eine Kolonie! Schließe die Offline-Kampagne ab!

Going Deeper! - is a single player construction and management simulator game which is done in a fantasy setting. The player will have to equip and defend a human colony in a hostile territory rich in resources.

The game world consists of 6 layers: surface and five underground layers. The layers are connected by 2x2 tunnels, the deeper the next layer, the more resources are required to build the tunnel. Caves are rich in various resources, however, going deeper and deeper, you will expose yourself to more and more danger.

The game starts by collecting equipment for the expedition. This is a very important stage, as it is the resources initially chosen that determine your tactics and strategy. At first, 5 people will work in the colony. However, under your careful guidance, you will be able to increase the wealth of the colony and make it a desirable place for migrants.

Every unit in the game is a personality, with its own needs and abilities that you will have to reckon with if you want to build a thriving colony. Not every unit can become a skilled warrior or an experienced craftsman. Carefully study the preferences of each unit and you will find success.

Please note that your colony is surrounded by enemies - goblins. Therefore, do not hesitate to organize the army and combat squads. You will need to timely craft powerful armor and weapons fpr yur army if you want to win!

Your colony is not isolated from the rest of the world. A merchant will visit you every 2 years. Some of the products that he offers you will be unique so you can not craft them in any other way. Consider this when you trade!

Remember, crafting and building are fundamentals of Going Deeper!, your management skills can optimize both this processes. The faster your colony works the more chances you have to survive!

The player is offered a choice of 3 modes with different rules
- Campaign (complete the mission to win)
- Survival (survive for as long as possible)
- Sandbox (customize the world and play however you want)

The game version may be unstable at the moment. The developer is trying his best to fix all the bugs in the game and is working on updates.


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