General Dynamics Electric Boat: Submarine Structural Engineer - How To Get A Job

This interview contains information on what it's like working in the aerospace industry. A General Dynamics Electric Boat engineer gives his personal perspective as well as advice on how to get a job.

00:00 - General Dynamics Electric Boat Intro

02:10 - Submarine Structural Engineer Intro

02:50 - What are your day to day duties?

03:34 - Do you have a security clearance? What type of submarines do you work on?

04:46 - What was the process like for getting a security clearance?

05:49 - What type of FEA software do you use?

06:30 - What are the top 3 skills needed for your position?

08:00 - What do you like the most about working there?

10:10 - What do you like the least about working there?

11:10 - Whats the coolest thing you've seen?

12:50 - What was the application like?

14:26 - Was the interview process difficult? Did they ask technical questions?

15:05 - Formula SAE. What do you think made you standout?

16:30 - Formula SAE experience

19:40 - Reality Vs Expectation. How does the industry differ from what you expected?

21:15 - Do you feel like you use a lot of skills from academia?

22:55 - Is your job what you envisioned?

26:00 - Any words of wisdom for aspiring engineers?
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