Garlic Production and Marketing: Scaling Up

As demand for local premium garlic continues to increase in the Upper Midwest, many growers are looking for best practices in both business management and garlic production as they scale up their operations.
Ryan Pesch conducted the research and wrote the UMN Extension paper on Garlic Enterprise Analysis in 2017-18. In this 2022 SFA Annual Conference session, he returns with advice on increasing your operation’s capacity.
Viktor Vasileiadis has become probably the largest grower of market garlic in Minnesota, with over seven acres planted in the fall of 2021. He uses machinery to crack bulbs into cloves, plant and harvest.
Jerry Ford of the Sustainable Farming Association and Living Song Farm moderates.

This session was originally recorded on March 18, 2022 at the SFA Annual Conference in St. Joseph, Minnesota. Visit for more garlic resources, as well as soil health, grazing, agroforestry, and more!

Video by AMS Digital Productions.
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