Gangsta's Paradise | What Are Your Thoughts?

Join Downtown Josh Brown (CEO, Ritholtz Wealth Management) and Michael Batnick (Managing Partner, Ritholtz Wealth Management) for another episode of What Are Your Thoughts and see what they have to say about the biggest topics in investing and finance!

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►00:00 - Birddogs
►03:13 - Gangsta's Paradise - "Interest rates are hovering at their highest level in more than two decades."
►09:58 - What's Tech Worth? - "It will be extremely difficult for most tech companies to compete with Google and Microsoft on AI given their extraordinary spending power"
►19:20 - Soft Landing Fakeout - "Soft Landing Optimism Is Everywhere. That's Happened Before."
►24:48 - The Fed Unpaused - "It reads like the Fed raised rates, but there was no reason why."
►27:16 - Yellow Trucking Bankrupt - Do not get fooled into believing it’s a recession signal. Yellow has been struggling for 20 years.
►31:20 - Dividend Investing - "they will wreck your ship..."
►37:03 - Make The Case
►41:48 - Mystery Chart

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