Game Dev Round Table - Episode 2 - Soft Skills

We are back with some new streams for the year. We are trying out some panel/round table format with 3 people and talking about general things artists can relate to not just lighting and look development. We are planning on doing it once a month. If it is popular we keep doing it. It was time to mix up our content a bit since we have grown a bit. It is also because Lighting Bot Education has seen more success in members/students who addressed nontechnical/artistic skills.

About Christoffer Radsby aka Chris Radsby GameDev
He has been in the games industry for 12+ years as an environment artist/tech artist. He loves everything there is about gaming and for the last couple of years, he tried becoming a one-man army for game dev delving into other specializations than his own.


About Jeremy Estrellado aka Dinusty Empire
Jeremy Estrellado (DiNusty) is a Lead Environment Artist in the AAA space and has been part of it since 2007. With his 16 years of game development experience, he chooses in his own free time to dedicate time to sharing and learning Game dev / Game Art knowledge with anyone who is interested. He Streams 3 times a week while supporting a large and inclusive educational community, The DiNusty Empire. He recently dived headfirst into Warhammer 40k miniatures. God help his wallet.


About Amit Patpatia aka Lighting Bot
He has been in the games industry since 2009 in any context outside of just making games himself. He was running his own game company, building a game organization, owning an e-sport cafe, teaching game development at University, freelancing, working at outsourcing companies, and recently focusing on Lighting for games.


Lighting Bot Discord - https://discord.gg/DwRhSrBtKe
Lighting Bot Mentorship/Courses - https://www.lightingbot.com/
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