Gaining Control of Product and Process Quality with Integrated ALM

See how Rommana Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Software supports allow you to gain control over process quality through requirement management, test management, user story management, project management, and test design

• Are you happy about the way your projects are going?
• Do you feel sometimes you do not have control over the quality of your releases?
• Does your team delivers functionality that works as customers expected?
• Are you satisfied with your requirement and testing practices?
• Does your team have a way to prevent defects rather than spending time to find and fix them?
• How about effort and time estimation?
I am sure you can agree that the quality of any software product or system always depend on how well the different processes of the product lifecycle are managed and how the artifacts of these processes are traced to each other. Our experience working on projects of different types and sizes suggests that the success of any software project can only happen through fully-integrated application lifecycle management with following processes fully integrated:

User Story and Requirement Management
Test Management and Test Design
Project Management
Release and Iteration Management
Issue and Defect Management
Change Management
Collaboration Management

This webinar will show how you can manage all these processes can support each other in a fully integrated manner. Dr. Hanna will use examples from Rommana ALM to show how strong integration between these processes helped companies gain better control over process and product quality
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